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Initial thoughts from John

Hello Saturday Jammers,
The response we have received from two potential Saturday venues has been less than encouraging.  Dick suggested a little on-line brainstorming - when were together there is so much fun stuff - chatter and music - that it's difficult to talk "business".
For those of you who want to discuss ideas for a Saturday morning venue, please respond to this e-mail. I will create a different distribution list for this topic that will allow us to see each other's e-mail addresses.
Here's what we are looking for:
1. A public location - so that anyone interested will feel comfortable stopping in to check us out.
2. A business or organization that supports music and the arts.
3. A place that sells food and/beverages - so that we can enjoy the fruit of their labor and support their business.
4. Enough space and chairs to accommodate 20 to 25 musicians - ideally room for spectators.
5. A location somewhere in the northern part of Columbus ranging from Westerville to Dublin (somewhere in or north of Clintonville around Worthington would seem to be fairly central)
This list is our "hoped for". If we find a cinder block building with heat in the winter, a light bulb hanging from the ceiling and a couple of electrical outlets we could make that work:-)
I know there is a place out there waiting for us, we just need to find it.  It reminds me of the comedy routine: 
"I lost my job...I didn't really lose it...I know where it's just that they won't let me go back anymore:-)"
If you want to be part of the discussion please respond to this e-mail as our nomadic tribe continues to search for the Promised Land!