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Christine Lavin online concerts

here is a message I got from Christine Lavin - in short she is giving 1 hour concerts, and at least the last three weeks they have been Monday at 8. If you don't know her , she is a wonderful artist (and person). I'll let her take it from here====>>>>

For the past 21 years David has made his living performing on Saturday afternoons when the weather is good, right smack dab in the middle of Central Park.  He brings his own generator and sound system and is the only musician who is given a permit to do this -- I guess after 21 years he's become part of the park and the powers that be realized he wasn't going away -- and he has won thousands of fans over the years.


Tonight between 8-9 PM not only will he be doing a rare indoor concert where we will swap songs, it will be broadcast directly from his apartment on Manhattan's Upper West Side.  Last week I did one of these with Julie Gold from her apartment -- it was great fun, so I'm doing it again, but this time I have sprung for a better camera and stereo mikes so that the picture and sound will be a step above what it has been.  


I'm planning on doing some songs that are requested a lot, but songs I haven't done in concert in a long time -- specifically "The Dakota," "Happy Divorce Day," and "Ramblin' Waltz" (the song I wrote when I got to travel during the first week of Bob Dylan's "Rolling Thunder Revue" back in 1975).  You can request songs, too.  


You pay whatever you want -- it's a new concept that means no one is left out -- though one caveat -- last week we had so many people buying tickets so close to show time that I found out later some of them couldn't get on the site.  The shows aren't archived or taped, so either you catch it or you don't -- you can also sign up for a 'reminder' to jog your memory in advance.  It's best not to wait til the last minute.


If you don't know who David Ippolito is, there's lots of videos online - his website is  


I met him a few years ago at a Hurricane Katrina benefit, and we've become good friends.  David has a heart as big as all outdoors, writes really funny songs, heartfelt songs, political songs (I covered one of his on one of my albums -- "Tom Cruise Scares Me").  There's a theatrical show in development based on his life (it's no secret he led a wild life up to 21 years ago -- coinciding with when he started playing guitar in Central Park and turned his life around).  


And David just posted a video for his webpage -- here it is to get an idea of what he's like:


While preparing for the show I spotted a certificate on his wall where a NYC Block Association thanked him for what he did during the blackout of 2004.  He told me the story and I'm going to ask him to tell it to you tomorrow night.  


David and I will take turns doing songs -- and then at 9 PM we finish, and I run down to Birdland for Jim Caruso's Cast Party (open mic -- starts around 10 PM).  Sign up starts at 9:30.  


This will be my third laptop concert -- I really love the idea of singing for you like this -- I know for parents with responsibilities this is such a great way to have a fun social evening chatting back and forth while we play music.  For those of you who live in far flung places that neither David nor I can get to, well, you can pretend we're right in your living room.  Because we will be!


I'm on a learning curve with this and this time we will have a friend monitoring your comments so that we can answer any questions or play requests -- the first two I didn't realize how much was going on with you since I was playing and singing (my multi-tasking skills only go so far).  So tonight we've got help.


If you are a musician, you can email me later and I can put you in touch with Dan Gurney at concertwindow -- or just write to him at -- and tell him you want to do one of these.  


And if any of you will be in NYC this summer, on Saturdays David is by the rowboat pond, close to West 77th Street and Central Park West.  Hundreds of people gather on the hill and listen.  Sometimes, because the Boathouse is nearby, a new bride and groom will sneak out of their reception and will have their first dance to David's music.  


He has so many fans who have to just muddle through the colds months -- so they are very excited to have this opportunity to see him live from the comfort of their own homes.  And I guarantee that you'll meet some of them online tonight -- and if you come to New York, you'll meet them in Central Park this summer.  


Hope you can tune in tonight!  Arrive early and let us know where you are watching from.  I'll bring a map of the world and keep track of where you are all from.