File Viewer Has Changed

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Neil Friend
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File Viewer Has Changed

The file viewer built into the site actually makes use of Google technology so if they change it we have to follow.  Recently they updated the viewer and it may effect your viewing in a good way or a bad way.

One good thing is it appears the "bandwidth" error that would appear from time to time is no longer happening.  Since all you had to do was refresh again once or twice it wasn't actually a bandwidth error but a bug.  So that seems better.

On the downside, it appears - on a PC or laptop - you can no longer go two pages wide for those songs that extend beyond one.  This used to be nice so you could set the song up and wouldn't have to page to the next page during the entire song.  Now you need to scroll down as page 2 is below page 1.  Also you may need to "zoom" the browser view to fit the page in on some screens.

And finally on the upside again it appears on tablets it's now easier to get to Page 2 of those longer songs. Before you had to tap the page arrow in the top right, now you just swipe down.

Here's a little video showing what I mean...


If you are using a tablet of any type it should work now that you can jam right from the viewer and not have to download anything.

Of course if you do download each song for each jam then please ignore this message.:>)