Local Blues Youngsters

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Local Blues Youngsters

I attended the Olentangy High School Talent show last night to watch my daughter participate with a JR ROTC rifle exhibition.  While I am proud of her and she did quite well, I was pleased to see that Pet Crow was listed as the last act as I have seen them before and they are quite good.

Here's the shocker - the guitarist is in 10th grade, the bass player in 9th and the drummer in 8th!!    The guitarist and bass player are brother and sister - last name Crow.  

John Cummings - who plays bass with MMT occasionally on Saturdays  - used to play with them until the sister was big enough to pick up the bass I guess.  She still looks dwarfed by it!

I captured this partially into the song that he wrote with my phone so the video isn't great but the audio is not bad.  I recommend watching until the end as they offer entertaining changes to the finish. It's like three piece Cream from the late 60's!

By the way - the band won the talent show for the second year in a row - I imagine they will likely win the next 2 years as well.  And then who knows what level these kids will take it to!

(the video straigtens out after about 5 seconds)