Saturday Jams - Changing of the Guard

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Saturday Jams - Changing of the Guard

As most of you have heard, I am moving at the end of July to Connecticut.  So the Saturday morning location may be a bit too far for me to travel to.

Ray Orthodontics is fine with someone else stepping up to unlock/lock the place.  Additionally we need someone to pick the songs, send out the email reminder, kind of lead the group and the worse fate of all... do more singing!

Bill Linton (user name: damorg12  - you'll have to ask him what that means) has volunteered to handle the facility and I believe creating the set list on the site.  He is looking for help picking songs and singing as well.  Please make a comment here if you want to help or send him a Message via the system (top right above) using his user name.

Without the effort from a few the Saturday Jam may not be able to continue.

I will miss the twice weekly jams immensely - so much so that once settled I will be looking to give it a shot and start one in CT!

And a BIG thanks to you all for putting up with and playing my original songs.  Your positive feedback has given me the impetus to write again so some of the songs of mine we play are  actually not from the 80's! 

I want to thank you all very, very much!


ps: I have relatives around here so I will be back hopefully to make a jam from time to time.