Update to Preview Screen for songs

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Neil Friend
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Update to Preview Screen for songs

In the ongoing effort to help everyone view the files on tablets without having to go to the trouble of downloading files or converting to PDFs - while a whole lot easier than printing songs out still a little tedious - I've made a few modifications.

When you click on the link for a song now the header and menu info on the top are removed allowing more space for the song to show up on your tablet.  You can then enlarge as you need and click on the page arrows if there is more than one page.

If you want to just download all the songs that link is gone from this page now but as with before the easiest way to do this is by clicking the main Jam date link above the list and then download each from there.

Note: if you get the following message " "You've reached the bandwidth limit for viewing or downloading files that aren't in the Google Docs format. Please try again later..."

Refresh Your Browser or go back a page and then come back to this page.  Usually this will load the document - if not do it again - I have never seen it not work at least on the 2nd try...  (but there's alway a first time)